Ubuntu is a completely safari orientated camp designed to give you as much of a wild and authentic experience as it is a down-to-earth comfortable one. It moves with the Great Wildebeest Migration across the Serengeti and consistently produces spectacular game viewing opportunities wherever it goes.
With the expertise of top guides, the camp has year-round access to the finest areas in the Serengeti for game viewing. Game drives are the main activity at Ubuntu Camp with walking safaris being exceptionally popular when the camp is in the south during December to March.

The friendly atmosphere of Ubuntu Camp focuses on community. In the evening, guests gravitate towards the huge crackling campfire to reflect on the day’s adventures and share stories. Later, all guests sit around a big communal dining table under the Serengeti stars and enjoy a delicious dinner few would imagine possible in the middle of the wilderness.


Game Drives

Wildlife viewing and bird watching game drives are offered twice per day. Experienced guides encourage guests to see and experience the Serengeti through their eyes, sharing a world of small and large wonders that only they truly know and understand.

Guests can arrange full days in the bush with picnic lunches or shorter excursions returning to enjoy the tranquility of camp.


Walking Safari

Walking safaris are offered during December to March when Ubuntu Camp is in the south. Officially situated inside the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (NCCA), it allows Ubuntu’s highly trained guides to offer walking safaris within the NCCA while game drives take place in the NCCA and across the border in the southern Serengeti. The privilege of walking in this area gives you a thrilling feeling of adventure. Although you'll usually get close to large mammals such as elephant, giraffe, buffalo or even lion, walking safaris are perfectly safe. The experienced guides of Ubuntu Camp and armed national park rangers will accompany you on every walk. Walking safaris can last for as little as an hour, or a whole morning or afternoon.

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